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Newsbeat Show #394: Inside the 2-Minute Trading Day

Is it really possible to trade for 2 minutes and make enough money to shut down for the day?

Yes, and Mark Melnick's going to show you how his Newsbeat Bandits strategies make it possible.

Because something funny tends to happen in the Newsbeat Live room.

Traders will often take one or two big trades after the open, and then clear out.

They pay for 7 hours of service… and they'll use maybe 15-20 minutes of it.

Mark shows you the power of a Bandits mentality by showing you how well his Roku (ROKU) trade worked during what is typically the worst trading week of the year.

He explains why he prides himself on focusing just one name — especially when that name is the subject of major news.

Do not get sucked into taking 20 or 30 trades a day.

Win once, and win big! That's the key to building wealth through trading.