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Newsbeat Double Feature: Phase 2 of the Newsbeat Challenge!

It's Monday morning and Mark's here with your Newsbeat Double Feature.

First, he breaks down the week ahead in Chinese earnings.

Why should you care?

Because the trade war is on, and we're finally getting a read on the impact.

China claims everything is fine on their end… but is that true?

We'll find out soon enough as big names like Alibaba (BABA) deliver their reports.

Mark also tells you how to get prepared and how you can trade some Chinese names intraday.

And as always, Mark explores an unusual angle — whether you should trade these names at all!

After his in-depth analysis on China, Mark jumps into the next phase of the Newsbeat Challenge.

The Newsbeat Challenge is all about getting you to that that next step towards trading success.

Mark shows you the power of focusing on just one high-probability trade each day, instead of obsessing over 20 mediocre ones.

Learn how you can join the Newsbeat Challenge this week, and then pick up Mark's algorithmic levels for today.

And one more thing: Canadian Solar (CSIQ) reports this week, and you'll be VERY curious to know why Mark is looking so closely at this name: