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Newsbeat Show #374: Stranger Things Are Happening With Netflix

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This is a special extended version of the Newsbeat Show, so hold on to your hats!

Tech earnings season heated up big-time with Netflix (NFLX) last night, and Mark Melnick is here with all the news you need to know.

Neftlix got pummeled because of its revenue miss and its poor subscriber numbers.

Mark takes you through the simple math that proves Netflix' growth is slowing, and what it means for the stock.

Once he explains what happened with Stranger Things Season 3, your opinion of Netflix may change forever.

Are the analysts smart enough to see what Mark sees?

See todya's algorithmic levels on Netflix so you can see where the stock may go next.

Mark also covers IBM, EBAY, and shares a downright disturbing story about his refrigerator that will teach you an important trading and life lesson.