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Newsbeat Live Show #347: How I Silenced the Trolls This Week

They laughed at Mark Melnick on Monday when he called the bottom.

They laughed more when he went long QQQ, FB, and AMD.

Well with the QQQ's now up $7 off Monday's low… the trolls are silent.

Where'd they go?

Listen, not all market calls work out.

Mark doesn't win on every trade.

But he won big this week.

And one week can have a massive impact on your P&L.

In the latest Newsbeat Live show, Mark goes over those QQQ, AMD, and FB picks with stime tamps from his private Twitter feed.

For example, his QQQ call options went from $2.13 to $5.25 for a 146% gain.

And they'll likely be worth more than $7 by the open this morning — that's a 229% gain!

So we'll ask you one more time — who are you trading with?