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Newsbeat Live Show #333: You Need to Stop Making Trading So Hard

Last night was a special extended 40-minute edition of the Newsbeat Live show.

Mark Melnick delivers an unusual argument… that making money can be really easy.

You are just making it hard by doing things you should not be doing.

Too many traders don't pay attention to all the psychological toxicity and trauma they are experiencing throughout the trading day.

Some traders can transact hundreds of thousands a shares a day without feeling toxicity.

That's the lucky 1%. 99% of us are facing psychological hurdles that hold us back from achieving the profitability we desire.

To help put you on the road to trading success, Mark shows you how to combine predictive technical analysis and confirmation analysis to build a strategy that's been killing it in the past two weeks.

See Mark's case study with Facebook (FB), which was a nice winner in the Newsbeat Live room yesterday after he got long yesterday morning.

That 1 trade could have made your day… or even your week.

Also, pick up Mark's algorithmic support and resistance levels so you know what to expect today.