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Introducing Dynamic Flow Trader With Keith Kern


Want to find a needle in a haystack?

Use a magnet.

That’s the thinking below Dynamic Flow Trader. Let us explain.

Every day, millions of options contracts are traded.

Most of these trades mean nothing to you.

But there are a select number of options trades that can actually ‘tip you off’ to big stock moves.

Sometimes, there is so much money to be made that billion-dollar money managers and hedge funds have to get in at all costs.  

And they can't hide their footprints because they throw so much money around.

Keith Kern (formerly of Trader's Toolbox) has spent 18 years learning to spot those tiny flashes of opportunity, and turning them into A+ setups.

Keith's proprietary scanning system detects a specific type of options trade that can tell you when an underlying stock is about to move.

So yes, he's actually using options market activity to find highly profitable stock trades. There's an added bonus here: you don't have to purchase expensive options scanning software, because Keith IS your scanner.

This is key to the Dynamic Flow Trader system, which combines 4 powerful elements:

1) Order flow analysis
2) Tape reading 
3) Pattern recognition 
4) Technical analysis

Each is powerful on its own. Put together, and you have an  incredibly powerful ‘money magnet’ - perfect for picking up needles from the market haystack.

You tap into a real information flow available anywhere else.

And it's a gold mine of powerful day and swing trade ideas, using both stocks and options.

​What's Included

Dynamic Flow Trader was built to give you multiple ways to win, whether you're a full-time professional trader, or an enthusiast with limited time.

The Dynamic Flow Trader Virtual Trading Floor® Room

Get live day and swing trade ideas as the action breaks through live video, audio, and chat.

Keith uses an unusual combination of order flow analysis, tape reading, pattern recognition, and technical analysis to find hot stocks about to make big moves.

If you want to get into the real information flow, this is the place to be,

The Dynamic Flow Trader Virtual Trading Floor® Newsletter

Every trading day before 7:30 a.m. ET, you receive the Dynamic Flow Trader newsletter.

This gives you the headstart you need to attack the market with confidence.

Get 20+ charts that show you exactly what's going on, including Keith's 10 favorite trading setups.

Private Twitter Feed

When Keith decides it’s time to take action, you’ll know in seconds. This 100% Private Twitter feed (unavailable to the general public) delivers you exactly the information you need, when you need it.

And it’s so much faster than email that it will blow your mind.

Plus, it's totally customizable - you can get alerts on your desktop, mobile, device, or both!

Monthly Coaching Sessions

At 8:00 p.m. EST on the last Sunday of each month, you’ll join the Dynamic Flow Trader community for a live group coaching session.

This is your opportunity to get straight answers from a top professional trader so you can accelerate your progress as a trader.

Our research indicates that fewer than 1% of traders have ever used a coach.

Yet, the top 1% of professional athletes and business people virtually all have coaches and mentors.

So why don't you?