This morning we sent a ROKU daily showing a Holy Grail sell setup.

It gapped up on a further Pinocchio of its 20 day m.a. and rolled over triggering us short on an Opening Range Break at 47.81.

Bearishly, ROKU has offset this morning's gap. First support is near 46.80 and the 20 period on the hourlies below which could see an extension lower.

They report tomorrow after the bell so I will not carry it over past tomorrow's close.

This morning's report also walked through the position of VRNS, projecting continuation to 70. It's extending.

This morning we flagged 188 being 180 degrees up from FB's earning's low. It tagged 188.30 and tailed off.

Last night's report used BLD as a long idea based on the 8/3 combo Lizard/ Soup Nazi buy set up.

The presumption was it would see a continuation from Monday's momentum.

It did, but regrettably gapped up 3 points, negating the trade for us.

This is why it pays to follow a core universe of stocks to get to know their personality. BLD has a tendency for large range bars to follow through… such as July 24/25.