T3 Live

Webinar Replay: What You Need to Know About Prop Trading


In this special webinar replay, T3 Live's Amber Capra gives traders a complete introduction to the exciting world of prop trading.

You'll learn about

  • Why our Omega Prop Trading Program is so popular
  • The importance of a “forced discipline” risk management program
  • Why traders need education, community, and ongoing support to succeed
  • Details about the Series 57 exam
  • Prop vs. retail accounts
  • How prop traders can access greater buying power
  • The differences between international and US prop trading
  • Scams and pitfalls to watch out for

And much, much more!

If you're interested in learning about launching a successful, lucrative career in prop trading, call our team at 1-888-998-3548 for a free consultation with a Prop Trading counselor.

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