Scott Redler Spots 3 Retail Opportunities on CNBC’s Fast Money

On Wednesday, September 13, T3 Live Chief Strategic Officer Scott Redler appeared on CNBC’s Fast Money.

In this new video, Scott breaks down 3 possible buying opportunities in the much-hated retail sector.

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Secrets of Successful Speculation: Riding the FMSA Rocket

One of the hardest things for a trader is selectivity. There are lots of setups to choose from the scans I go over after the close every day.

A trader’s job is to narrow one’s field of vision and cull for the very best setups: the more one tries to see, the less one sees.

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Sami Abusaad’s Trade of the Week: NLNK

In this special video, Nightly Game Plan Moderator Sami Abusaad walks you through a winning trade in Newlink Genetics (NLNK).

Biotechnology stocks have been hot as of late, but few are hotter than NLNK, which recently skyrocketed on positive results from a clinical study.

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Scott Redler: Why I Love This Big Slow Semi Stock

For a year, I’ve been saying that Intel (INTC) is a good stock to accumulate in an IRA.

Here's why.

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4 Names to Watch for Next Week

n the video below we highlight 4 names that have shown relative strength to the market this week.

These names are in a prime position to see additional follow through in the coming days/weeks.

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Did a Whiff of SPX 2500 Makes the Bulls Crazy?

This week, the SPX set multiple records with a new all-time high at 2499.25. And the index is still within striking distance of 2500, even with a missile launch in North Korea and a terror attack in London.

So are traders complacent?

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SPX 2500 or Bust!

For the fourth day in a row, the SPX index hit a new all-time high, with a new record at 2499.25.

The Nasdaq and Dow also made new record highs.

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9 Ways to Destroy Your Account with Options

Options trading is fun. Options trading is sexy.

And options trading can destroy your account if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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