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Chart Attack: SPX, QQQ, IBB, AAPL


SPX futures are up 3-4 handles as we get follow-through to yesterday’s gap and go. Now let’s see how we handle 2488-2490ish.

Tech had a nice move as QQQ cleared $145.35. Now see how it handles the AAPL event at 1:00 p.m. Yesterday’s high is $146.12, then $146.59 is the next level to watch.

Bios took the day off but are still flagging. REGN put some pressure on. As long as IBB holds $330ish, it’s in the game to add to gains above $336.72.

AAPL gapped up and you had to buy quickly yesterday. Today’s it’s up at $163 where it can see resistance. The iPhone event is today at 1:00. Usually they try to sell it. If they can’t, we will look for opportunities for all-time highs in the sessions ahead.

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