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Scott Redler Breaks Down the Beat Down on CNBC

Thursday, August 10, T3 Live Chief Strategic Officer Scott Redler appeared on CNBC’s Futures Now show to discuss the market breakdown.

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Scott Redler

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Jeff Cooper: This Time It's Different

While some were saying that Tuesday’s reversal was just another one day reversal like June 9 and July 27, Daily Market Report readers knew differently. We knew that the Jackknife from the false move above the key 2482 level was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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Trade of the Week: BUFF

In this special video, T3 Live Black Room Moderator Sami Abusaad walks you through a trade in fast-moving momentum name Blue Buffalo Pet Products (BUFF).

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Why the Big VIX Move May End Soon

Fear is here, courtesy of North Korea.

Just a couple weeks after the VIX hit an all-time low, volatility is exploding as traders start to price in a potential conflict with North Korea.

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4 Bad Habits Every Trader Needs to Break

All traders make mistakes. It’s part of the game.

We can all survive the occasional lapse in judgement.

But what we can’t survive is bad habits.

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US Dollar Update: Nailed It...Again...

In this video update we revisit the US Dollar Index (UUP) as it has been under heavy pressure.

Just recently it tested the key $24 level which was the 2016 low and a level we said would get tested based on a simple and objective method.

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Bulls Fight the Nuclear Summer

The North Korea scare dominated the headlines again today following yesterday’s big scare.

This morning, the plot thickened after China said it won’t help North Korea if it launches missiles at the US.

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