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Trades of the Week: Is QQQ Going to All-Time Highs?


Welcome to the latest edition of T3’s Trades of the Week!

Let’s jump right in to this week’s trades and analysis:

1) Scott Redler on QQQ

The QQQ’s did not lead the last two weeks, but they didn’t fall apart either. As long as it holds $142.70, you can’t get too bearish. If it gets a strong close above $144.52, it could get back in play for new all-time highs.

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2) Jeff Cooper on Sotheby’s (BID)

I am watching Sotheby’s (BID) for a short swing trade as it is tracing out a TNT pattern. I would enter short at $50.25. My stop would be $51.75 and my target is $46. If it hits the target, I would cover half the short and move the stop to breakeven.

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3) Kurt Capra on AUDUSD

AUDUSD slowly bled lower last week and closed right into support. This morning it is opening in the same area and trying to push lower. A break below the support and 21ema (on the daily chart) could get this moving with more momentum to the downside.

I will watch this for a break as it may offer a decent opportunity to get short with the daily looking like a double top/head and shoulders pattern.

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