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Jeff Cooper: The New Wolf of Wall Street Is Coming to a Theater Near You

Our work set up last week set up as a major turning point.

The NASDAQ, which led the way up, left a weekly signal reversal bar in the spirit of a Key Reversal week.

I think this reversal was the real deal.

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The Fed Says One Thing. The Dollar Says Another.

On Wednesday, the Fed decided to raise interest rates, which was not a surprise.

They were also perceived as having a more hawkish stance, which is theoretically bullish for bank stocks, Treasury yields, and of course — the dollar.

But as you may know, the Fed can say one thing while the market says another.

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Options Mastermind: Strategies for a Low Volatility Environment

In this special video, learn why Doug Robertson uses calendar trades instead of bull put spreads to exploit low volatility.

If you need options strategies that work in today’s market environment, this video is for you

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Scott Redler: 4 Life Lessons to Get You Through the Bad Times

One year ago today, I was laying on my belly, staring at the floor… and wondering if I’d ever walk again.

But let’s rewind the story a bit.

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Scott Redler

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7 Things You Should Know Before You Short a Stock

The stock market is the greatest wealth creation machine ever created.

But every so often, you’re going to be tempted to bet against the market, or a particular stock or ETF.

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Contrary to Popular Belief, Volatility Is NOT Back

Ever since the Nasdaq shakedown last Friday, traders have been asking if volatility is back.

The obvious answer is yes. The real answer is no.

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Weekly Sentiment Report: The Bears Are Out of the Cave

Permabulls always say everyone’s bearish.

And permabears always say everyone’s bullish.

But let’s look at the actual numbers to see how the crowd actually feels.

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Do You Need a Trading Intervention?

To be a good trader, you must curate strategies that work for your personality and trading style.

But the ugly truth is that a lot of trades desperately need a wake-up call.

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What You Don't Know About Prop Trading... but Should

In this special extended webinar, Amber Capra breaks down everything you need to know about the exciting world of prop trading.

You’ll learn whether prop trading is right for you, get tips for success, and a whole lot more!

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How to Use the VIX Curve to Judge the Market’s Mood

Knowing the level VIX alone isn’t very helpful, and it has little value as a predictor of price.

One way of getting real value out of the VIX is comparing it to the prices of VIX futures.

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