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6 Interviews with 6 Top Traders


One of T3 Live's most successful content features has been our “Meet the Traders” series, which gives you the backstories of our top traders and educators.

You can learn how they got into trading, the philosophies they hold, and how they manage risk in challenging markets.

So if you want to learn more about what it takes to succeed, set aside a few minutes and get to know these 8 traders:

1) Pro Gamer Turned Trader Mark Melnick

Believe it or not, video games and trading require very similar skills, including the ability to rapidly analyze incoming information, and then apply it.

2) 13 Questions with Boxer-Turned Trader Ifan Wei

Is boxing tougher than trading? Find out how boxing training helped Ifan Wei developed the mental and emotional strength required for trading success.

3) How Rob Smith Discovered His 3 Truths in Trading

Learn why Rob Smith is not at all concerned about high-frequency and algorithmic trading, and why the VIX ETN's are his bread and butter.

4) Why Sami Abusaad Thinks Like a Scientist

Sami Abusaad, T3 Live's most popular instructor, breaks down how he went from public accounting to an exciting trading career.

5) Mark Harila on the Intersection of Technical Analysis and Psychology

In this interview, you'll learn why Mark Harila gauges the emotions, expectations, hopes, and fears of other traders.

6) How Ryan Tonking Learned the Biggest Trading Lesson of His Life

Learn how Ryan Tonking's 55% drawdown set him on a new path in trading.

doug cmelik says March 28, 2017

You’ve never interviewed me…

    Michael Comeau says March 28, 2017

    Sorry! You’re next on our list!

Joe says June 3, 2017

Another, good read, thanks

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