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Ready- FIRE- Aim


Have you ever been excited about a new experience?

Maybe heading to the golf course for the first time or going to the go-kart track to show your stuff?

Do you remember the butterflies and excitement building inside as you near this new experience?

It's common to have such exhilaration when a new experience arises.

Just imagine with me for a moment, that you were going to have some weekend fun with the family at the go-kart track. As you seat yourself into the kart your smile is ear to ear. You feel the butterflies fluttering as you rev the gas getting ready for this experience. Prior to taking off, you glimpse over and notice your family giving you the thumbs up, chanting things like go dad, you can do it, you can take these guys, show them who's boss. Suddenly you realize your eyebrows are lowering, your smile moves to a determined grit and you now have something to prove. This is not a fish story about the one that got away; you have a live audience!

This friendly little driving around the track has escalated to the Daytona 500, so it seems. You move onto the track with fierce determination and no experience I might add. That's okay, how hard can it be, I drive to and from work every day and have never had so much as a fender bender. You move around the track like you're the only one there and suddenly you get squeezed out and your kart slams into the tires. As if that is not enough, you get rear ended from another kart. That actually hurt. With pride on the line, you immediately get back into action only to have a similar experience. This one could leave a mark! Now intimated by this new adventure and in a great deal of pain, you finish your ride and force your smile every time you near your rooting family with the bulk of your thoughts concentrating on when this ride will be over.

I share this story with you to press upon you how most people enter the trading environment. Excitement turns into determination which often leads to pain. If you FIRE before you AIM that is…

The bulk of new traders will embark on their new career this year that is similar to the story above. They fail to practice, and get kicked around and 90% of them will not exist as a trader in 12 months. They have told all of their friends about their new career and when they ask how things are going they shrug it off with “The market is not right yet” or some other excuse that is just as poor as the first one.
You see, people that want to start trading to offset their income or potentially make a career of it have no business entering the trading environment until they get education and practice. The title of this article is how most people attempt everything. They get READY and FIRE before they know what they are really AIMING for. Some ventures may be forgiving but Wall Street takes no prisoners. It will, under-handedly, seek out anyone with little to no experience or practice and make sure you end up in the tires.

Do not let that happen to you!

Do you walk over to the fireplace and ask it “If you give me some heat, I will give you some wood”?

No, it doesn't work that way, nor does trading, and you absolutely have to get education FIRST. Many people only have one shot at this, burn through your capital before education and you may never get the opportunity to share what is one of the greatest businesses on the planet.

I mean think about it, a business that you can work anywhere in the world with just a laptop and a internet connection; a business with no employees, no overhead, no inventory, etc… etc… Most businesses exist for 11 months to pay the bills and employees, only to make a profit in just one of the twelve months. Your trading career should not be taken lightly especially when you think about what you have your hands on. You should not open a business without education and training, so why would trading be any different? Trading potentially could give you more freedom and enjoyment than you could possibly imagine if you take the right steps to succeed. If you were to open a franchise do you think you could do that before you spend the required time practicing and learning the proper procedures? Not a chance!

Seek education, practice and have the desire to win, so you don't get “pushed into the tires”.


Traders' Tip:
A T3 education is the single most proactive ingredient one could learn prior to risking capitol in trading. The T3 Method has been proven time and time again as a technical approach that has been developed and time-tested over years by T3 Live. This dynamic trading methodology is now used by professional and semi-professional traders all over the world.