Lesson 19/30: How "Prospect Theory" Works

By Ifan Wei, Trading Coach and Strategic Day Trader Room Moderator

As a trader, you strive to be robotically calm as you trade. But, you can't help it: emotions affect you every day.

Awareness of fluctuations in your personal emotional state can be just as important – if not more important –  than your awareness of price movement and the market environment.

That's where Prospect Theory come in. Ifan Wei explains how you can learn to trad past your emotions. Watch now:

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Ifan also created the Turnaround Trader Formula course, and is a moderator in the Strategic Day Trader Room.

About Ifan Wei

Ifan Wei attended the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, graduating with a Business Administration degree with a specialty in Sports Marketing.

After working for the National Football League and a Big Three television network, Ifan pivoted to the equities market for a new challenge.

As a former All-American collegiate boxer, Ifan found that trading fulfilled his passion for competition and self-discovery.

He has become an expert in trading Gaps, Climactics, and Relative Strength/Weakness for profits.

Ifan provides real-time market analysis, research, and trade ideas every day in the T3 Strategic Day Trader Room.

Ifan also created a unique trading course called The Turnaround Trader Formula.

He is also a successful trading coach, mentoring traders on a 1:1 basis. Click here to inquire about a 1:1 coaching session.