“Without Dave Green’s community, my trading career would have never lasted.”

Learn to trade like a pro.

Learn Once. Earn for a Lifetime.

Dave Green has been trading equities for 31 years.

He began his career on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange before becoming a proprietary trader and T3 Live’s top day trading instructor.

There are no shortcuts to trading success.

But a mentor can shorten your learning curve and help you achieve our common goal: consistent profitability.

Dave will identify winning trade setups, answer all your questions, and most importantly -- he’ll show you how an experienced trading vet approaches the market… all in real time.

Best of all, you'll join a thriving community of friendly, supportive traders that shares ideas and market information for mutual success.

Program Overview

Trade Live With a Pro

See how NYSE veteran Dave Green is attacking the market with exact buy and sell points.

100% Interactive

Dave Green and his growing community answer all your trading questions so you’ll never be left behind.


Join a supportive, helpful community that wants you to succeed and earn consistent trading profits.

Gain Trading Confidence

Enter every day with a true pro at your side, and have the confidence to execute in the heat of the moment.

Change Your Mindset

As you see how Dave manages trades, you’ll find yourself kill bad habits like overtrading and rushing trades.

Next Level Profits

Dave's guidance will help you take your trading profits to the next level.

What Room Members Are Saying…

I was new to this industry and didn't even know the language of the market.

After a couple of days with Dave Green, I not only got familiar with day trading and everything around it, but I actually had two consecutive weeks of 90 percent profitable trades and the few losing trades were minimal.

I highly recommend David Green to beginners and even professional day traders. There's something for everybody to learn from his expertise.

- Simcha H.

I have been with Dave Green since March 2015 and can say that without Dave Green’s strategy and Trading Room community, my trading career would have never lasted.

With Dave Green’s method, I was able to become very disciplined and focused, but most importantly, consistent and profitable! There are never any arbitrary entry and exits but instead exact prices on specified technical levels. Plus, the community is always on top of every trade and on the same page.

Dave Green is a very rare individual who takes the time to help every trader along with his community which there is nothing else like I have experienced.

- Dustin K.

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  • Constant market intelligence so you’ll always be ready for action

  • Access to a friendly community of successful traders

  • The confidence you need to make great money as a trader

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Call a Friendly Trading Counselor at 1-888-998-3548