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T3 Live’s Elite Options Trading Room

In this special Live Trading Room, follow options guru Mark Melnick as he trades options for mega profits without mega risk.

We have been helping traders make more money since 1994.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there are 4 things you must do to succeed as an options trader:

  • Consistently spot trading opportunities with a solid reward:risk
  • Manage risk so you can succeed over the long run
  • Join a supportive trading community that supports your success
  • Understand the difference between how options work in textbooks, and how they work in the real world

That's where our Elite Options Trading Room comes in.

Our options trading guru Mark Melnick is an expert in generating consistent options profits.

Mark's specialty is building short-term profits through active trading. He uses a combination of technical and fundamental analysis to spot options trade opportunities, and  constantly evolves his strategies to take advantage of algorithmic and high-frequency traders.

Mark also provides coverage of individual stocks and forex to provide you with even more ways to win.

Mark is a master at creating steady income using strategies like iron condors, vertical spreads, and calendars.

This allows you to make serious money in options without taking extreme risk.

In fact, Mark's options ideas are often much safer than stocks!

High-Speed Tactics

Follow expert scalper Mark Melnick as he captures big profits in short-term options trades.

Long-Term Strategies

Portfolio manager Mark Melnick shares risk-controlled, income generating trade ideas.


Trade puts, calls, vertical spreads, calendar spreads, iron condors, and more with our 2 options gurus.

100% Interactive

Our gurus will answer all your trading questions so you’ll never be left behind.

Easy to Follow

Mark;s trading styles are easy to learn and can be followed by new options traders with no problems.

Expanded Focus

Our team also provides helpful stock and general market coverage for even more profit opportunities.

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Join the Elite Options Trading Room and you’ll get:

  • A steady stream of actionable ideas from trader Mark Melnick.

  • Live audio, video, and chat with 2 of the best options traders in the business

  • Constant market commentary so you’ll always be ready for action

  • Access to a friendly community of successful options traders

  • The confidence you need to make the money you deserve

All annual room memberships include a 100%, no-hassle money-back guarantee. That puts all the risk on us, not you.

Have a Question?

Call a Friendly Trading Counselor at 1-888-998-3548