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Active Trader Strategy Course

Learn the Strategies Designed to Teach You How to Think Like a Professional Trader

So many people get into trading without the necessary knowledge and skills. Most focus on the outcome of making money without committing time and effort to develop a sustainable process. The Active Trader Strategy Course will provide you a very high-level look at trading strategies and techniques to assist you in building that process. As we commonly teach in the course, "focus on the process, not the outcome." Without a repeatable strategic process in place a trader will never develop the confidence and conviction to achieve the desired outcome.

Topics Covered

  • A unique view of time-frame analysis and how to build an argument for each trade idea
  • Being able to recognize what a bad trade looks like and why. Knowing what not to trade is more valuable than most people realize!
  • Strategy Development: How to determine the best trading probabilities regardless of market conditions
  • The only two chart patterns that matter, and why and how to spot them

Is This Course Right for You?

Active Trader students include everyone from first-time traders to professional money managers. They sometimes have very different experience levels, but share one common bond: a dedication to success. This course isn't for an uncommitted trader or someone seeing a get-rich-quick scheme. You will be pushed, challenged, and encouraged to move past what you think you know about risk and trading. While we would never promise success as a result of the course, we can guarantee that you will be one gigantic step closer.

Course Materials Include

You will receive the digital manual and have unlimited access to the online Active Trader Strategy Course videos.

Course Outline

  1. Intro to Active Trading
  2. Trading Concepts
    1. Candlesticks
    2. Time Frames
    3. Pivots and Trends
    4. Moving Averages
    5. Support and Resistance
    6. Fibonacci Extensions and Retracements
    7. Time of Day
  3. Patterns
    1. Classic Patterns
    2. The Two patterns We Care About Most
  4. Long & Shorts Trading Strategies
    1. Entry Techniques
    2. Moving Average Buy Setup
    3. Price Support Buy Setup
    4. Capitulation Buy Setup
    5. Breakout Buy Setup
    6. "Catch Plays"
    7. Red Dog Reversal
  5. Time Frame Alignment & Analysis
    1. Time-Frame Drills
  6. Trade Management
    1. How and Where to Set Stop Losses
    2. Trailing Stop Losses
    3. Setting Targets and Understanding the Unknown
    4. Measuring Distance
  7. Advanced Topics
    1. Gaps and Gap Trading Techniques
    2. Understanding and Using Relative Strength
    3. Slopes and Volume
    4. Trend Reversals and Failures
    5. Scaling In and Out of a Trade
  8. The Traders Mind
    1. Being OK with Losing
    2. The Fear of Success
    3. Trading With Bias
    4. Developing Your Own Trading Identity
    5. Looking for Perfection is a Waste of Time
    6. Do You Know What you Don't Even Know?
  9. Building Your Business Plans
    1. Introduction
    2. Objectives and Goals
    3. Market Overview
    4. Stock Selection
    5. Equity Management
    6. Trade Management
    7. Trading Rules
    8. Strategies
    9. Pre/Post Daily Routine
    10. Evaluation and Adjustments
  10. Advanced Trading Drills