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Mike Lee

Trader Bio

Mike Lee began his trading career in April 2000 and is now the head trainer at T3 Live. He employs a disciplined momentum approach. With a strong mind and passion for the markets, Mike is a master of the psychological aspects of trading. A technical analyst who thrives on managing risk and execution, he separates himself through his mental approach. Mike places a strong emphasis on money management and not giving back profits. Since becoming head trainer, he notes a significant improvement in his own trading as mentoring others has helped reinforce patience and discipline. "No matter your level of experience and success, always work to improve your trading mindset."

He gives a game plan every morning at 9:15 and is on the radio for the morning and late afternoon trading.

Mike is currently an Associated Person of T3 Trading Group, LLC and T3 Live Contributor.

  • Experience: 10+ Years
  • Style: Momentum
  • Holding: Intra-day