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Evan Lazarus

Trader Bio

Mr. Lazarus has been in the equity trading business for 16 years. Eleven years ago, he took a managing director position at Sperling Enterprises, LLC. At Sperling Enterprises, Mr. Lazarus, along with Mr. Redler, managed the firm's traders and developed its highly successful training program. His core competency lies in understanding the difficult psychological aspect of trading, and his ability to mentor other traders. Mr. Lazarus became a partner in Sperling Enterprises in 2006. In 2007, he helped facilitate the merger between Nexis Capital and Sperling Enterprises creating the T3 entities known today as T3 Live, LLC and T3 Trading Group, LLC.

Evan Lazarus' career and methodologies are chronicled in "The Modern Trader: Wall Street Traders Reveal Their Formula for Success"

Mr. Lazarus currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of T3 Live, LLC and as a managing partner of T3 Companies, LLC.

  • Experience: 10+ Years
  • Style: Technical
  • Holding: Swing