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Off the Charts

Actionable trade ideas from the T3 Live team

Off the Charts is a daily email subscription newsletter delivered Sunday through Thursday evenings at 7 PM ET. It features trade ideas curated by Scott Redler and the entire T3 Live team based on quality, not quantity. The trade ideas are presented in the form of annotated charts and include defined technical trigger prices, targets and stop-loss levels. It also includes a comprehensive watch-list in each newsletter to keep track of all recent trade ideas, which now includes trade idea status (pending or open) and percent change from trigger price.

Here's what you get:

  • What is it?

    A newsletter based off the theory that two heads are better than one: Our entire team of T3 Live contributors provide their best trade set-up ideas. We simply package them neatly for you!

  • Who is it for?

    Novice and advanced traders alike will benefit: Whether you want to learn how traders evaluate risk and reward scenarios, want other expert eyes to provide more actionable trading ideas, or just need that extra confirmation, this will give you the boost you need!

  • What you receive:

    Get the ideas, avoid the work: Relax as WE prepare the ideas, package them neatly, and then email them directly to YOU every Sunday through Thursday nights by 7pm ET. Also get exclusive access to our Off the Charts Quarterly Review Webinars where we analyze recent trade ideas and market trends, as well as conduct an open Q&A for OTC subscribers.

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  • Jason H. from Springfield, MO says:

    "I find a tremendous amount of valuable content in the daily email. The information is concise, accurate, easy to read and a great asset to individuals like myself that are trading along with managing other daily responsibilities. Very well done"

  • Darrin G. from Springfield, MO says:

    "I have been so grateful for finding T3 Live and Off the Charts!! I used to spend a lot of time keeping tabs on all the ”open” trade ideas from past newsletters and now you are doing it for me. I may start to feel a bit guilty for all of the work you’re saving me!! Everyone who works on Off the Charts is just fantastic!!!"

  • M. S. from Gainesville, FL says:

    "As a recent subscriber of Off the Charts, I'd like to say I really like the changes. As a person who is unable to actively trade daily, these changes are great for someone like me. Thanks for the changes and for incorporating a Sunday edition. "

  • Leslie B. from Corrales, NM says:

    "I love the new Off the Charts, especially stating which patterns you all are attributing the trades to. Great learning tool. Keep up the good work!"