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2016 Is An Options Trader’s Dream…

Between the big February double-bottom, the Fed’s twists and turns, and the Big Bad Brexit, it’s been a crazy year.

But for the smart options trader, volatility is pure opportunity.

Stocks are irrational in the near-term... and options are downright crazy.

Doug Robertson is an expert at identifying mispriced options during market volatility spikes. When things get out of control, he's calmly sifting through the rubble for opportunities to exploit the panic of the crowd.

And with his Options Strategist service, you can get his best trade ideas and start counting profits instead of blood pressure pills.

Let’s look at Doug’s 3 recent big victories:

FXE Dual Calendar Trade: Closed for $2,880 Profit on 6/24 (Brexit day)

WBA Iron Condor: Closed for $2,010 profit on 6/17

WYNN Iron Condor: Closed for $1,056 profit on 6/17

And yes, that $2,880 FXE trade means Options Strategist subscribers actually made money on the 6/24 Brexit vote… enough money to pay for 2+ years of this service.

Best of all, Doug uses carefully selected trade structures that actually make options safer than stocks.

That’s the power of The Options Strategist -- you can make great money, and it won’t keep you up at night.

And if you don’t understand terms like ‘Dual Calendar’ and ‘‘Iron Condor,’ that’s okay.

Doug hosts weekly members-only strategy session where he breaks down his strategies in plain English.

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