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Kurt leaves nothing to chance.

Kurt Capra is your guide to the lucrative, exciting forex markets.

Every day, Kurt provides actionable forex trade ideas with specific entry, stop, and profit targets so you will always know exactly what to do.

He doesn’t “guess” at what central banks are going to, or try to game the news flow.

Rather, he uses a unique, proprietary technical analysis system designed to deliver consistent profits in all market environments.

Just Look at These Profits!

Since launching the Forex Profit Accelerator in August, Kurt's been putting up HUGE numbers.

His trades have made $11,870, for an average monthly gain of $2,968.

That assumes 1 standard lot per trade.

2 lots per trade puts total profits at $23,740.

5 means $59,350.

But let's not get carried away...

You get the point.

Kurt's forex trades print you cold hard cash.

Now's the time to take it!

As a Forex Profit Accelerator member, you’ll receive:

Trades That Win

Specific, easy-to-follow trade ideas with a nightly update of all open positions

Multiple Intraday Alerts

Trade ideas and updates plus real-time market commentary

Video Recap

An in-depth video recap summarizing the past week and gives you a look ahead

And of course, you can get returns like this:

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