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Every morning Scott Redler, Chief Strategic Officer at T3 Live sends his Morning Note to only a select group of media members and industry experts! Sign up now for Scott Redler’s Morning Note and you’ll get Scott’s daily market analysis in your inbox every week day morning by 9:30AM EST. No filler, just the actionable ideas that could help you make money.


With Scott Redler’s Morning Note you get:

  • Scott’s rundown of the most compelling trade set-ups in the market
  • Quoted prices of US and world stock futures by 8:30AM
  • Links to both the T3 Live Morning Call and Morning Call Express videos
  • Links to featured education articles by T3 Live contributors
  • Annotated chart of the S&P 500 with key levels defined and commentary included

Don’t waste your time each morning wading through the headlines from individuals who don’t trade for a living. Get all of the pertinent information you need in one place and get ready to attack the market like a pro.

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The Scott Redler Morning Note is now part of the Scott Redler All-Access subscription.

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