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The Virtual Trading Floor ®

Follow real traders in real time, no matter where you are.

The Virtual Trading Floor® is a dynamic online community of traders. Subscribers can listen to audio from professional traders, view actual positions that update in real-time, and interact through the trader chat feature.


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Annual Subscription - a $600 savings!

Year $1,800

Monthly Subscription

Month $200

Here is what you get:

  • Trader Radios : Allows you to hear what our traders are thinking in real time.
  • Trader Chat : Chat in real time with hundreds of other traders including T3's professional traders.
  • Trader Positions : Follow each trader in real time as their stock's positions are revealed. Learn from what they do so you can incorporate it in to your own trading style.
  • Screen Share : With our screen share function, you can see what our traders are seeing. They can show you charts, videos, or any image that they want to share. *This is a great tool, especially in our private mentoring rooms.

Virtual Trading Floor® How To Guide:
View a 4 minute video showing the features of the VTF and quickly
how to get in and navigate the chat room and radio modules.


Purchase an annual subscription and receive "Scott Redler All-Access" - which includes Scott's daily Morning Note email, Morning Call video and private Twitter feed - at no additional cost ($300 retail value).


Virtual Trading Floor VTF