Forex: Fast Market, Fast Profits

The Forex Profit Accelerator Lab will turn you into a forex profit machine.

5 Reasons to Start Trading Forex Now

Every day, equity traders just like you are turning to the forex markets to improve their trading results.

Forex offers high profit potential while sidestepping some of the biggest disadvantages of stock trading.

Joining the forex markets allows you to:

  1. Trade 24/7 in highly-liquid markets
  2. Avoid opening gaps that can wipe out your trades.
  3. Get reliable trade fills, even in fast-moving markets (just try that with options)
  4. Reduce your overall trading costs
  5. Lower your capital requirements.

And best of all, the rise of runaway central banks and aggressive high-frequency traders means that currencies are moving more than ever.

That makes forex the best weapon you can add to your trading arsenal today.

If you’re not familiar with forex, that’s okay.

Forex is not only good for your bottom line, but it’s easy to learn!

Our Forex Profit Accelerator Course starts with forex markets basics so you can get your feet wet at the right speed, and then progresses into easy-to-learn trading strategies you can put to work from day one.

And best of all, when you join this course, you’ll get 1 free month of access to our LIVE Forex Profit Accelerator Trading Room.

That means you can apply the concepts you learn in this course LIVE with the help of our Head Forex Instructor Kurt Capra.

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Program Overview

Master Forex Concepts

Master the basics for forex trading so you can start off on the right foot, even if you're a total beginner!

Trade Like a Pro

Learn our complete technical analysis methodology so you'll know when to buy and sell

Elite Community

You'll receive a free membership to our LIVE forex trading room ($295 Value)

Personalized Attention

Class size is limited so all of your questions and concerns will be addressed

Read the Market

Our time-tested patterns will have you predicting market moves like a true pro

Trade With Confidence

Get the knowledge you'll need to enter every trading day with 100% confidence

Your Course Curriculum

Day 1 - The Basics of Forex

Understand forex market mechanics, terminology, and trading basics. Learn what to expect during each trading session, which currencies trade together, and the impact of forces like commodities and news items.

Day 2 - Technical Analysis Fundamentals

Learn to analyze different chart types as they pertain to forex, and properly apply concepts like moving averages and Fibonaccis to forex markets.

Day 3 - Key Trading Strategies

Master our proprietary buy and sell setups, plus additional profit-building concepts like amplifiers and trend analysis.

Bonus! You can use also use these trading setups for stocks, options, commodities, and more!

Day 4 - Time Frame Analysis and Trade Management

Understand which time frames you should be using to trade, and which ones to ignore. Manage your trades like a pro, and master our unique "Benchmark" trading style, which is proven to consistently beat the market.

Day 5 - Money Management and Trading Discipline

Kurt will close out your course by teaching you to properly size your trades so you can maximize your risk-reward. He'll also show you to form a proper trading plan and track your results.

This course includes:

  • 5 days of live training with an expert forex trader

  • All the tools, training, education, and community you need to make huge profits as a forex trader.

  • Proprietary buy and sell patterns so you can spot trading opportunities every day.

  • Extended training in advanced technical analysis so you can maximize your profit potential.

  • The complete course recording so you can watch again and again.

  • BONUS! 1 month of access to our Forex Profit Accelerator Room ($295 Value)

This course will be held March 6 - 10 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. ET each day.

If you have any questions, please call us at 1-888-998-3548 now!

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