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T3’s Take 3: Stocks Grind and We All Ask What’s Next?


1) Stocks Grind After the Fed

Yesterday, we saw a pretty solid equity market rally after the Fed raised rates, but stocks went right back to sleep today.

The S&P 500 fell -0.2% to 2381.38, and the Dow and Nasdaq barely moved as well.

The action under the surface was pretty mixed.

The Russell 2000 outperformed by a tiny bit.

Regional banks made up some of the ground they lost yesterday. And some high-beta tech stocks, including Tesla (TSLA) and nVidia (NVDA), staged decent rallies.

But on the negative side, biotech saw profit-taking, with the IBB ETF falling -1.3%

2) Options Traders Running Wild

Last week, sentiment became neutral after 2 weeks of pretty serious bullishness.

Sentiment continued to deteriorate this week.

However, I noticed one interesting thing this morning: the ISE Sentiment Index showed that traders were buying call options in massive quantities.

This implies that many traders believe the post-Fed rally from yesterday was destined to continue.

Only time will tell if this morning’s extreme positivity marked a short-term top.

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3) 2370 Is the Line in the Sand

With the market in digestion mode, traders are asking what’s next?

We’ve come a long, long way since the US Presidential election, and volatility is nowhere to be found, despite a crazy international political news flow.

This morning, my buddy Jeff Cooper laid out the argument that SPX 2370 is the line in the sand you should be watching.

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