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About Us

The T3 Live Difference: Trading, Training, and Technology

At T3 Live, we train, coach, and mentor traders how to develop an edge in the market so that you can put your money to work with confidence. The T3 Live approach includes a mix of trading, training, and technology to help you learn to recognize, adapt, and ultimately take advantage of different market conditions.

T3 Live Executive Team

Scott, Marc, and Sean have come from different backgrounds in the industry, but have merged their expertise in business, trading, and training to make T3 Live what it is today. Their ability to adapt and grow in today's market serves as a natural testimony to their skill, perseverance, and insightful business sense. Their experiences and advice can be read in “The Modern Trader”, a book documenting their journey through the financial industry and how it got them to where they are today.

T3 Live Contributors

The combined business experience and knowledge T3 Live's executive team and contributors provide for a rich atmosphere for traders to stay atop the current stock market. With daily videos and articles, traders receive the training and support needed to become a successful trader. T3 Live's Virtual Trading Floor ® and trader educational programs offer great resources for traders to improve their performance.